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Regional Climate Alliance Projects

Learn more about climate-related projects in the Goldfields Esperance Region

The GVROC Regional Climate Alliance (RCA) program supports the appointment of an RCA Coordinator to develop capacity building activities and implement climate adaptation and mitigation projects by assisting collaboration across the region through its nine Local Government Authorities (LGAs).

If you want to understand the breakdown of carbon emissions in your region, you can go to the Snapshot website to find your local emissions profile.


Our Local Governments are leading and supporting communities to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change.

We are:

  • Collaborating with energy providers on more accessible renewable energy solutions for the region

  • Installing renewable energy (solar PV and battery) on council buildings

  • Supporting best practice energy efficiency measures in council buildings

  • Extending community awareness programs to minimise energy consumption

  • Sharing renewable energy solutions for public lighting

  • Seeking more sustainable transport solutions

Garbage Truck


Our Local Governments play a key role in Australia's efforts to minimise waste and reduce emissions. Together we will continue to seek more sustainable solutions for our region.

The GVROC Regional Climate Alliance is investigating feasible and environmentally friendly options for regional waste solutions and developing a strategy that will lead to the development of more circular waste economy initiatives.

Water Filter Maintenance


Our Local Governments are finding better ways of adapting to our drying climate by providing water security to support infrastructure to benefit our communities, visitors and industries.

The GVROC Regional Climate Alliance is working on improved regional water access and security.
Water security is seen as the greatest challenge for the region. As a result of continued and projected further growth in many economic sectors, there will be increased demand on shared resources, particularly high-quality water. Water security is increasingly under threat from climate change.



We are planning for risks and preparing strategies for adapting to a more volatile climate.

In 2022-23 the GVROC Regional Climate Alliance will work on a strategy to prepare the Goldfields Esperance region for natural disasters such as bushfires, drought, rising sea levels and flooding.

Land Mining

Industry engagement

We are working with numerous stakeholders to develop mitigation and adaptation solutions.

Key stakeholders include the Goldfields Esperance Development Commission (GEDC), Regional Development Australia Goldfields Esperance (RDAGE), Horizon Power, Western Power, Department of Water and Environment (DWER), Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and the Water Corporation.



On behalf of our Local Governments we will continue to advocate for our region.

GVROC's Regional Climate Alliance advocates on behalf of its members to the State and Federal governments for support in minimising green house gas emissions and preparing the region for climate change.

Projects: Programs

Carbon emissions breakdown

An example of emissions (tonnes) from the two largest LGAs in the Goldfields Esperance region in 2019/20

Black and White Star in Circle

655 000 t

Esperance emissions

The calculated emissions of carbon in the Esperance Shire in 2019/20 were predominantly from agriculture (39%) and transport (41%), followed by electricity (16%) and waste (2%)

For further information, go to Snapshot

Black and White Star in Circle

1.236M t

Kalgoorlie Boulder emissions

The calculated emissions of carbon in the Kalgoorlie Boulder Shire in 2019/20 was predominantly from electricity ((77%) and gas (7%), followed by transport (11%). For further information, go to Snapshot.

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