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Working together to enhance our region

The Goldfields Voluntary Regional Organisation of Councils (GVROC) was formed in 2007, with the overarching principle to create a strategic alliance of Local Governments, who contribute and work together to ensure development and retention of infrastructure and community services and undertake joint economic development initiatives, through grant funding with the State and Federal governments plus the private sector, to benefit the region

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The Goldfields Esperance Region

The GVROC region is vast, covering a land area of around 940,000km2 and comprising red deserts, expansive mineral wealth, the magnificent Great Western Woodlands, and the iconic white, sandy beaches of the Southern Ocean. The region is renowned for its lifestyle, its friendly people, a great sense of community combined with excellent facilities and great opportunities.

As the largest region in Western Australia, covering a third of the State, GVROC regional communities and economic activity is relatively isolated from the major urban centres and capital cities of Australia, however this drives an entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit amongst its people, strong and resilient communities, and the freedom to live in one of the most beautiful, natural, safest, and least populated areas of the world. Approximately 55,000 people live in the region.


GVROC Projects

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Feral Camel Industry Analysis

During the 2018/2019 summer, the Goldfields-Esperance region was notably affected by drought, which brought feral camels onto pastoral, Aboriginal and crown land seeking water and food. This resulted in significant damage to property, infrastructure, livestock operations and the environment. The damage caused by feral camels triggered the need for improved management and in particular the consideration of whether there is potential to establish camel industry business activities within the region. This report represents the first step in analysing the broad impact and economic benefits that may result, and the role the industry could play, to assist with mitigating the current camel management issues being experienced in the region.


Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA)

The Goldfields DAMA is a five year labour agreement between the Federal Government, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Shires of Coolgardie, Leonora and Menzies. It aims to attract skilled migrants to work and live in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Coolgardie, Leonora and Menzies, allowing Goldfields employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers in specified industries that are currently experiencing critical skill and labour shortages.

Construction Managers

Goldfields Esperance Regional Energy Project

The primary purpose of the Project was to develop alternative energy sources and reduce the energy footprint of the Goldfields region. To achieve this the Project replaced existing streetlights with energy efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) and installed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on Council facilities. This provides long term benefits through reduced energy consumption and free clean energy generation, which benefits both the financial and environmental sustainability of the members of the GVROC.


Economic Policy Plan

This Economic Policy Plan (Plan) was developed by the GVROC to position, assist and drive growth for the region. It considers a number of key government policy settings, regulations and funding programs at a Federal and State level, that if reformed or addressed could enable the GVROC members to grow their communities in a sustainable way on par with the major capital cities, which will provide significant social and economic benefits to not only the region, but also for the State and Nation.

Financial Report

GVROC Housing Strategy

The role of this strategy was to ensure optimal delivery of fit-for-purpose housing stock in the Goldfields Esperance region. This strategy provides a direction for all parties to action and implement to address the housing challenges faced in the region. Currently outside of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Esperance, government and residential housing stock is generally limited and of relatively poor quality. This presents a challenge to growing the residential population and attracting and retaining staff for service delivery outside of the main population centres.

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