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The intent of this work is to provide emissions reduction monitoring tools and targets to reduce carbon emissions from Goldfields Esperance LGAs.  An evidence-based planning framework will be developed that can measure reduced emissions and economic benefits will be provided around these strategies for each LGA. This study will also extend to community emissions for the GE region to better understand the major sources of emission and where LGAs should be targeting action and showing leadership in their communities.

This study will consolidate and test the baseline data for each LGA to initiate an on-going program. The study will provide data and strategies to better understand the impact of all key regional stakeholders in managing greenhouse gas emissions. It will also highlight the role of the State and Federal governments and show where the LGAs can provide leadership and support in their communities to facilitate a faster rate of change.

This study will provide data and engage stakeholders to demonstrate that the scale of the climate challenge is something that cannot be tackled at the level of the individual or household in each community, rather it must be viewed as a collaborative effort across all levels of government, industry, energy providers and the community, which requires a shared vision. 

The report will cover the GVROC geographical area, which includes the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Shires of Coolgardie, Dundas, Esperance, Laverton, Leonora, Menzies, Ngaanyatjarraku and Wiluna.

Scope of Works
The scope of works requires the consultant to:

•	Have previous experience in similar carbon emissions baseline studies with Local Government.
•	Attend an initial briefing with members of the GVROC RCA working group to discuss approach and requirements of the consultancy work and overall outputs.
•	Gather data for a Corporate Emissions inventory data analysis tool and inventory tool manual.
•	Engage with:
o	Relevant LGA personnel.
o	Resource companies operating in the region to understand their current and future emissions targets.
o	Agricultural agencies and representative bodies to understand the agricultural industry’s current and future emissions targets. 
o	The consultant conducting a coinciding renewable energy audit and combine applicable data and information where possible. 
•	Based on the information collected: 
o	Facilitate and provide information at a regional workshop to introduce and test emissions reduction options and scenarios for LGAs and community emissions.
o	Incorporate feedback into a draft Regional Net Zero Baseline Study report and meet with project working group for feedback and discussion.
o	Produce the final report, incorporating any necessary changes based on input from the project working group.
The following information will be provided by the GVROC RCA Working Group to support the consultant with this work:
-	Relevant stakeholder lists (not exhaustive)
-	Regional economic and demographic data on request

Key Partners and Stakeholders 

Stakeholders (detailed stakeholder lists on request)
•	Resource industry organisations
•	Agricultural industry organisations
•	State and Federal government departments
•	Regional Development Australia

Contract Management
The GVROC RCA Coordinator, Niki Curtis, will be the Contract Manager on behalf of the GVROC Council and key partners.

Contract Period			
June 2022 – December 2022

Contract Deliverables
1.	Initial briefing with key partners and stakeholders
2.	GVROC LGA corporate emissions data analysis and inventory
3.	Detailed breakdown of Goldfields Esperance community emissions
4.	Deliver a draft report that provides emissions reduction strategies for GVROC LGAs
5.	Final Regional Net Zero Baseline Study report
Variations to the contract must be sought in writing and approved in writing from the GVROC RCA Coordinator.

This contract, and all written materials and verbal discussions as part of the contract, are confidential and not to be shared outside GVROC and key partners, unless express consent of the GVROC RCA Coordinator is provided.

Submission Details
Please send a detailed quote covering all scope of works requests to the GVROC RCA Coordinator (contact details below) by 5pm, Friday June 24, 2022.

For more information, please contact Niki Curtis, RCA Coordinator, M: 0427 806 702 or E:

Request for quote for consultancy services to produce a Carbon Emissions Baseline Study in the Goldfields Esperance region


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Request for quote for consultancy services to produce an audit of renewable energy projects in the Goldfields Esperance Region

In 2013, Regional Development Australia Goldfields Esperance (RDAGE) commissioned the Audit of Renewable Energy Projects in the Goldfields-Esperance Region. Designed to provide a context for renewable energy projects, the report profiled the energy supply structure of the region and the funding environment for renewables. Additionally, the document documented some of the challenges facing renewable energy project development in the region.
In July 2021, the Goldfields Voluntary Regional Organisation of Councils (GVROC) – a partnership between local governments in the Goldfields-Esperance region – was selected to participate in the Western Australian State Government’s Regional Climate Alliance (RCA) pilot program. The program is part of the Western Australian Climate Policy, and encourages regional local governments to work together to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The GVROC Regional Climate Alliance (RCA) Working Group, which includes representatives from regional LGAs, RDAGE and the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission (GEDC), was formed in early 2022 to identify and deliver local climate change adaption and mitigation projects. Working group activities are coordinated by the RCA Coordinator.
In light of the growth in renewable energy generation over the last decade, the GVROC RCA Working Group has identified a need for a new renewable energy project audit to better understand the current regional renewable energy supply structure and market. The new audit will serve as a scene setting project for the GVROC RCA and help inform decision-making.

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